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Fairytale Fights Preview

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Fairytale Fights Publisher: Playlogic
Developer: Playlogic Game Factory

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

Once the center of everyone's favorite stories, storybook characters such as Little Red Riding Hood no longer capture the popular imagination. Like any celebrity who has fallen out of the limelight, these storybook characters are desperate to take to the red carpet once more. And what's the best way to do so? Kill people. It's easiest to describe as celebrity boxing for the storybook set, with hundreds of weapons instead of padded gloves.

Huxley: The Dystopia Publisher: (NHN USA)
Developer: Webzen

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Radioactive pieces of Earth's moon have rained down onto the planet's surface, the irradiated fragments of Earth's only natural satellite destroying nearly all of humanity. A single city has survived, but the massive radiation has mutated the survivors, fragmenting the population along altered genetic lines. Now those groups are working to annihilate each other with the biggest guns available.

Black Mirror II Preview

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Black Mirror II Publisher: dtp Entertainment
Developer: Cranberry Production

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Darren is a young student living in coastal Maine. His major is Physics, but his passion is for photography, explaining why he suffers the abuse of his boss Fuller, the man who runs the photography studio where Darren works. Shortly after Darren meets a stunningly attractive English woman in Fuller's photography studio, Fuller is killed. Everyone is a suspect in this mystery that leads Darren far across the Atlantic Ocean.

Torchlight Preview

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Torchlight Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Developer: Runic Games

Platform: PC

A small, mining settlement named Torchlight was established to exploit the rich, nearby veins of "Ember." That rare ore is not only the source of Torchlight's riches, it's a magical substance with the power to transform and corrupt everything nearby. Only a handful of adventurers are brave enough to venture into the nearby mountains and below to discover how the Ember has already destroyed past civilizations.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Publisher: XS Games
Developer: Griffin International

Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii and PC

Video games are finally mainstream enough (and profitable enough) that everyone wants in. Bass Pro Shops is a huge retailer of fishing and hunting supplies, and what better way to build a brand with homebound gamers than to release hunting and fishing games in which progress depends on purchasing fancier gear from Bass Pro Shops? It may be a straightforward marketing ploy, but thanks to an incredibly clever controller, it looks like this marketing ploy might result in the best fishing game yet released.

Aliens vs. Predator Publisher: Sega
Developer: Rebellion

Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
Official Site:

A remote human colony has once again infringed on an alien battleground. By settling on a distant world with a Predator pyramid containing xenomorph eggs, the human colonists triggered an horrific xenomorph slaughter and alerted the alien hunters known as Predators. A call for help from the colony has summoned the Marines, once again bringing all three species into bloody conflict. But the blood from this battle can eat its way through steel plates.

Dungeon Fighter Online Publisher: Nexon America
Developer: Nexon and Neople

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Dungeon Fighter Online is popular in other territories, having launched in August of 2005 in South Korea. According to publisher Nexon, the game already has around 10 million users. Fortunately, you'll be able to experience the game yourself shortly – much less time than it would take you to learn Chinese or Korean and ask the game's many current players about Dungeon Fighter Online.

Bayonetta Preview

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Bayonetta Publisher: Sega
Developer: PlatinumGames

Platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Official Site:

Bayonetta is a witch who holds sway over demonic powers, but that's probably not the first thing you notice about her. The skin-tight body stocking might be. Perhaps the almost fetishistic focus on thick-rimmed glasses and piled-up hair that flows out to support Bayonetta's witchly powers would be the first thing to catch your attention. Of course, if you aren't distracted by the dramatically underdressed schoolmarmish sexpot who fills the titular role of Bayonetta, you'd notice that she's so well armed she even has guns strapped to the back of her platform heels.

Brink Preview

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Brink Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Splash Damage

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
Official Site:

Humanity built the Ark as a self-sufficient habitat, made up of hundreds of floating islands, drifting in the middle of the ocean. In the mid-21st century, The Ark lost contact with the rest of the planet. Perhaps the rising ocean levels drowned everyone not fortunate enough to live in a floating city. Perhaps it was something more horrific. Whatever the cause, the Ark's inhabitants, their descendents and tens of thousands of refugees have been confined to the Ark for 25 years. In that time, population pressure and ideological disagreements have plagued the last refuge of humanity with a brewing civil war.

Darkest of Days Publisher: Phantom EFX
Developer: 8monkey Labs

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Alexander Morris was part of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry fighting under General Custer, and had the distinct misfortune of being present at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Morris was considerably more fortunate than many of his compatriots. Instead of dying, he went missing-in-action. Alexander was plucked from battle to travel through time and space.

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