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The development team at EA Mythic provided a brief update this evening on the status of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. While the game certainly continues to look exciting, it has been delayed several times, with some of those launch dates long gone by. That means that the game has been virtually previewed to death, and nearly anything you could want to know has been presented in excruciating detail on the Warhammer Online official site. But here are a few highlights of the call that might intrigue readers.
Company: Emotiv
Platform: PC
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Total immersion is the Holy Grail of gaming. The ability to simulate a fully interactive and engaging environment would be the ultimate form of entertainment, and has served as the fodder for many television shows, films, novels and even games, ranging from Star Trek's holodeck to Arnold Schwarzenegger's adventures in Total Recall to Red Dwarf's "Better Than Life" game. It's even a common theme for dystopian futures in which humanity has become disconnected from reality (The Matrix, among many others). Unfortunately, total immersion requires far better technology than we have at present.

Emotiv Systems hopes to change that. Emotiv's Epoc Neuroheadset isn't going to make full immersion possible, but it should go a long way toward turning thoughts into reality. The company's tag line is, "It's the thought that counts." It looks like Emotiv will turn that phrase into something more than just an apology.

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