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Lego Universe Update

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Publisher: The Lego Group
Developer: NetDevil

Platform: PC
Official Site

There is no single toy line with a richer history and more individual pieces than Legos. Next year, The Lego Group and NetDevil plan to release a massively multiplayer online game called Lego Universe that will bring Legos to life in a child-friendly persistent world with activities for Lego fans of all ages.

Projected Release: Fourth Quarter of 2008

Publisher: N/A
Developer: NetDevil

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Every Miss America contender may want world peace, but when oil stands between major military conglomerates, global war is all that can result. Competition between the largest military contractors, PolyChem Oil and General Energy finally came to a head when both companies sought to secure access to a cache of Iranian oil fields in the late 2020's. When negotiations failed, covert operatives destroyed the PolyChem Oil headquarters in New York. Armed retaliation was inevitable.

By 2029, the Global Corporate Wars have subsumed society, and the biggest battlegrounds are major cities on US soil. Groups of mercenaries battle for control over the few tactically significant sites that still stand among the rubble. And by doing so, reduce the remaining rubble to mere dust.

Projected Release: Third Quarter, 2007

Publisher: NetDevil
Developer: NetDevil

Platform: PC
Official Site

Jumpgate first appeared on the massively multiplayer online game scene in 2001, offering the opportunity to battle and trade in space to online gamers previously engaged largely in exterminating the online rodent population for experience and glory. With the emergence of Jumpgate, joystick jockeys could pilot starfighters, run interstellar trade routes or manage their own space stations. Jumpgate has maintained a small, dedicated following, but has aged well past the point when new players could easily join the long-running game.

Jumpgate: Evolution is an update and overhaul of the original Jumpgate that brings this flavor of futuristic space combat, trade and exploration back into the modern era of computing.

Projected Release: "When It's Done"

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