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Iron Phoenix Preview

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Publisher: Sammy Studios
Developer: InterServ International

Platform: Xbox
Official site:


Ancient legend has it that a meteor once crashed to the ground in the full view of a talented blacksmith. In its descent, the heavenly visitor left a trail of fire in the sky shaped like a phoenix. When the blacksmith tracked the meteor to its impact crater, he discovered a heavenly rock with a solid iron core, from which he crafted a set of nine legendary weapons. Legend says that any one warrior who can possess all nine weapons is invincible – a tale that has caused countless battles and shed blood that has only further increased the power of the Iron Phoenix arsenal. Once again, talented fighters have come together to battle for control of the Iron Phoenix weapons.

Pariah Preview

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Publisher: Groove Games
Developer: Digital Extremes (PC, Xbox), Pseudo Interactive (PlayStation 2)

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Official site:

Dr. Jack Mason is a military doctor whose career has truly reached an all-time low. Between his attitude problem and alcohol addiction, Jack has been relegated to the dregs of the assignment pool – transporting biological cargo from a prison sector. When the transport is struck by fire from unruly prisoners and crashes, not only is the cargo released from its container, but so is the contagion that infected it. Now biohazard containment protocols have begun, and in sixteen hours, an orbital weapons platform will launch a 50-megaton nuclear air-strike to eliminate the biological threat.

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