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Dark Age of Camelot Preview

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Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Mythic Entertainment

Platform: PC
Official Site:

Dark Age of Camelot is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set after the fall of King Arthur's court. In this troubled time, three realms find themselves at war. The realm of Albion is the British core of Arthur's empire and is populated by various races of humans. The magic-infused realm of Hibernia is an Irish scene featuring human Celts and a host of fantasy races. Warlike Midgard is patterned after Scandinavia and is populated by Norsemen and some uncommon fantasy creatures. Realm vs. realm (RvR) combat is the center of the game design, and players are not allowed to fight members of their own realms. Rather, players in the same realm are at every turn encouraged to work together – even form in-game guilds – to defend the realm from monsters inside the realm and enemy players from without. To that end, players may only play on one realm per server in order to prevent people from using characters in different realms as mere spies on the enemy. What's more, players from one realm have no in-game way of communicating with members of the other realms. There will be NO negotiations for surrender! Camelot may also be enjoyed solo, although not every class is equally suitable for solo play. You may also play Camelot without ever encountering the other realms by staying deep inside your borders, questing and exploring dungeons, but you will lose out on some of the special perks offered to defenders of the realm.

Projected Release: October, 2001

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