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Rock of Ages Review

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Rock of Ages Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Ace Team

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Sisyphus has escaped Hades. After an eternity of rolling the same boulder up the same hill, and never quite making it, he's devised a scheme to escape his torment. Of course, after spending so long with the same round rock, Sisyphus can't bear to leave it behind as he goes rampaging throughout history, facing other famous figures, each wielding their own enormous round rocks of destruction. In this decidedly surreal, boulder-enabled, castle-smashing simulation complete with cow-powered fans, you can face famous figures in boulder duels, or face off against other human players in boulder-to-boulder combat.

Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man Table Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Zen Studios

Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Ms. Splosion Man has escaped confinement from the labs of Big Science and is on a 'splodin' rampage, shattering walls, blowing up barrels and chasing down scientists. But this isn't Twisted Pixel's latest platformer, it's Zen's latest pinball table for Pinball FX 2. Watch the glowing pink Ms. Splosion Man do the Macarena as you battle Mighty Eternal and the denizens of Big Science with pinballs!

Bastion Review

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Bastion Publisher: WB Games
Developer: Supergiant Games

Platforms: Xbox 360 and PC
Reviewed on Xbox 360

The Calamity has left Caelondia shattered. Literally. All that remains of a thriving city are tiny floating fragments and scattered survivors, human and otherwise. A hard-boiled kid with a smattering of fighting expertise allies himself with an older stranger, the first survivor he meets, to construct an outpost – the Bastion – that can be a safe haven for survivors and perhaps even undo the devastation of the Calamity.

L.A. Noire Review

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L.A. Noire Publisher: Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive)
Developer: Team Bondi

Platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

World War II is finally over, and Cole Phelps is back from fighting in the Pacific to join the Los Angeles Police Department and help a growing Los Angeles make it through the late 1940s. Stoic Officer Phelps is determined to suppress his past, be an honest man, and follow procedure in a world where corruption is the norm, opportunity is rampant, and a returning marine needs to find his place in a strangely peaceful world.

inFamous 2 Review

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inFamous 2 Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sucker Punch

Platform: PlayStation 3
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

A massive humanoid Beast is cutting a swath of destruction down the East Coast. It started in Capital City when a mysterious explosion transformed Cole MacGrath into something more than human – something with electrical superhuman powers. The Beast is heading straight toward New Marais, one of America's oldest cities, nestled in the Louisiana coastline. Cole must decide if he will save the world, or succumb to the temptations of power.

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