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LocoRoco Review

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Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony

Platform: PSP
Reviewed on PSP

The cruel troublemakers of the Moja Corps invaded a distant planet, inhabited by myriad cheerful critters. Only the planet itself can restore harmony and happiness by tilting and swaying in such a way that its innocent inhabitants can be reunited and freed from the Moja Corps' influence.

Rule of Rose Review

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Publisher: Atlus USA
Developer: SCEI

Platform: PlayStation 2
Reviewed on PlayStation 2

On a bus to a new life, following the unfortunate demise of her parents, Jennifer meets a small boy who begs her to read him a story. Unwittingly, Jennifer is lured off the bus onto the grounds of the Rose Orphanage, an island in 1930s England where the orphans have escaped the rule of adults to establish their own, cruel rule.

Who could be more vicious than a troupe of lonely orphans with their own social pecking order and arbitrary rules governing social behavior? The children have formed the Aristocrats of the Red Crayon, a cabal that demands outrageous monthly tribute from its citizens. Jennifer, of course is doomed to be one of only two commoners in this noble social order.

Yet, the horrors of a world led by mistreated children is hardly enough to explain the strange experiences Jennifer must muddle through as she tries to puzzle out the strange world entrapping her. Jennifer finds herself wandering the corridors of an abandoned airship and other locations such as an isolated, rural basement, seemingly traveling through time and space with little cohesive reason beyond her own elusive memories.

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