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Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

Platform: DS
Reviewed on DS

Bowser never takes a break from harassing Mario and friends. Usually, Bowser and his minions seize Princess Peach, holding her hostage until Mario leaps across enough platforms and pits to win her back. This time, Bowser has found the Vibe Scepter hidden on Vibe Island, and taken both Mario and Luigi hostage while Peach was out on a walk.

Now it's Princess Peach's turn for payback! Armed with only her trusty umbrella (which happens to be a talking umbrella with magical powers named Perry) she sets out to rescue the two Italian plumbers and countless toads captured by the wicked Bowser.

Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Backbone Vancouver

Platform: DS
Reviewed on DS

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is one of the greatest real-time strategy franchises ever to grace the PC. This is Age of Empires, but this version is a turn-based strategy game on the DS. Players can rule as the great leader of one of five civilizations and strive to conquer the DS touch screen.

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