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Publisher: Fox Interactive and Sierra (VU Games)
Developer: Piranha Games

Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Windows System Requirements: Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB video card, 660 MB HD space, 4x CD ROM drive

Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza began its life as a Die Hard movie-themed mod for Half-Life. Fox Interactive became involved and the project became a stand-alone shooter/tribute vehicle based on the original Die Hard movie. The story of the game is the story of the first movie. You take on the role of New York cop John McClane on Christmas vacation to visit his estranged (ex-)wife, Holly. The holiday party at Holly's office goes awry when a group of German master criminals take over the building in order to steal the contents of Nakatomi's vault. John is able to escape early detection by the enemy and sets about disrupting their plans. The game Nakatomi Plaza is different from the movie in two chief ways: (1) enemy leader Hans Gruber brings a small battalion of henchmen instead of the movie's dozen or so men, and (2) the game runs John through building levels not present in movie scenes. Nakatomi Plaza also gives John access to a few more types of weapons, though the submachine guns used by Hans' men in the movie figure most prominently. One of the original movie actors lends his voice to the project – Reginald VelJohnson who played Officer Powell, John's main friend in the movie.

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