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APB Reloaded Now in Stores

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According to GamersFirst, a retail version of the free-to-play (re-launched) game APB Reloaded is now available in stores in North America. The retail version of this premium multiplayer shooter includes 30 days of "premium" service, 500 G1 Credits, a Cisco Z180 sports car (in-game, of course) and a Magnum ACT-44 handgun for all characters on one account.
by Kyle Ackerman

Take-Two Interactive's X-Com RebootMaybe you were as astonished as I was to learn the revered (and ancient) X-COM series is returning as a first-person shooter and that Electronic Arts is bringing back Syndicate – also as a first-person shooter. Or maybe your first game was Halo ODST and you can't see why anyone would want anything more than an assault rifle, an energy sword and a low ping. If you played X-COM when it was still called UFO Defense, you probably also remember when a PC's power was measured in gerbil flywheels, when DRM involved cardboard wheels and you had to input unit commands using a telegraph key. If you remember that, you might be offended, but you'll still play the game.

I'll play X-COM, because it's... well... X-COM. Others will play it because they get to shoot aliens, and don't much care what it's called. I'll be crying into my vodka gimlet playing Syndicate's multiplayer while some middle-schooler headshots me from across the map and takes a victorious sip from his juice box. It's the same reason we're all going to see Asteroids if it really comes out as a film. Anyone who's dropped a quarter into one of the old Atari machines knows there's no plot, but we remember the name and want to see what happens.

That's why publishers have announced a slew of new shooters based on classic franchises:

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