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Kyle Ackerman
New York, New York

The tour's official site:

It's no wonder Nintendo is sponsoring a tour headlined by Evanescence. The band is certainly popular – enough to completely fill Webster Hall in New York City with a screaming crowd – but that alone doesn't explain Nintendo's interest in sharing the marquee. Amy Lee, vocalist and front woman for Evanescence, strode onto the stage in a dress like Alice's (of Wonderland), but in pink and white, with sneakers and a single striped stocking on her right leg. The white parts of the dress were defaced with magic marker words and phrases such as "psycho," "slut," "I Will Endure," "woman" and "Insane." She described her outfit to the crowd as innocence destroyed and defaced. To the crowd at Webster Hall, she was more than a music idol – she's part of Nintendo's bid for adulthood.

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