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Quaking in My Texas Boots

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by Robert de los Reyes, Esq.

Like swallows returning to San Capistrano or buzzards to Hinkley, Ohio, I have returned to my native land &ndash Texas. While FI headquarters remains in New York (at least until I persuade them of Texas' virtues), one of the majesties of modern telecommunications is that home base can be anywhere you are. I am a one-man mobile outpost. I assume it is only a matter of time before I turn into a Snow Crash gargoyle, collecting and disseminating information, spewing data back to central command with the hope that some of it proves useful. Or perhaps I'm getting carried away. Nevertheless, the idea of maintaining a Texas outpost strikes me as an amazing thing. That paperless office that technophiles promised the world is nowhere in sight, but, at least for folks in a business like ours, the mobile office is very much a reality. In any event, in celebration of my return to the mother country, permit me to blurt "y'all" loudly. Y'ALL!

Gameloft Company Profile

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Mobile entertainment is rapidly expanding. Developers have flocked to recent sessions on mobile gaming at conferences such as the Game Developers Conference, and consumers are increasingly discovering mobile gaming. Sure, gamers can play solitaire or bowl on their phones, but they can also play games based on major licenses, closer to the quality of a Game Boy Color game. Read on to learn more about Gameloft, an established company with access to Ubi Soft's licenses.

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