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The Portable D.I.C.E.

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by Robert de los Reyes, Esq.

Two disparate events were held last week in Las Vegas. The "D.I.C.E. summit" is a series of lectures and panel discussions held one at a time in an auditorium in the Hard Rock Hotel. The individual segments range from paeans (to Syd Mead, Shigeru Miyamoto and Yu Suzuki) to design lessons, and war stories (David Jones, Chris Taylor and others) to business issues (Seamus Blackley, BioWare and a panel on digital delivery). The summit is a welcome event in a number of ways. It builds camaraderie and a sense of community in a way that, say, E3 is incapable of doing. Here, industry types gather to give away their secrets and share their experiences rather than hawk their wares. (Well, mostly.) The summit also marks an important stage of industry development – the industry is old enough to have stories and best practices to share, as well as heroes about whom songs of praise may be sung. The limited number of talks, consecutively presented, also encourages you to listen in on a topic you might otherwise give a miss. Who'd have thunk it, but the panel discussion on digital delivery was one of the liveliest of the talks of the summit. It was lively in part because half the panel was pitching its business products. That made for some less than totally objective speechifying, but it also gave the other half of the panel something to argue against. We almost had a "When Good Nerds Go Bad" video on our hands. While the DICE summit doesn't even come close to garnering the appeal for the average gamer that E3 does, it can boast a wonderful sense of safety and community for those who think digital delivery really is something worth getting worked up about.

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