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by Rob de los Reyes

It's almost a microcosm of the state of gaming in our culture. Stuffed in between the narrow walls of Uncle Nick's, a Greek restaurant in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York, sits Bill Roper, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment. At the next table over, mere inches away, sits a youngish couple. Once the couple sees that an interview is being conducted, they pause every so often to try to determine whether they're sitting next to someone famous. They are. But they never seem to realize it. Blizzard sold to retailers roughly $200 million worth of its latest game, Warcraft III. Two weeks after its release, more than 1 million copies had been sold to consumers. And not even Roper's logo-emblazoned Blizzard bowling shirt rings any bells for the neighboring couple. Gaming just still isn't mainstream.

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