News Summary For Monday, June 4, 2012

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For the time being, we're just going to give you quick summaries of the day's news. It's currently E3, so everyone is promoting or previewing games, but there's some news of significance floating around. Still, the most significant news appears to be the distinct lack of significant news coming out of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Check the summary after the jump for brief details on the announcements and possible studio closures...
  • Microsoft announced that you will be able to control the Xbox 360 using portable devices such as a Windows Phone or tablet computer. The Xbox 360 will also add the Internet Explorer web browser to the console, along with lots of new entertainment channels.
  • Nintendo announced a few more details about the Wii U console (effectively a console slightly more powerful than the Wii with a controller that's a lot like a tablet computer with controller elements). The Wii U will be compatible with Wii games, and might be available in black. Nintendo's big focus appears to have been on the "Miiverse," a social network on the Wii U console. Just in case you need another one that most of your friends won't be on.
  • Epic Games will set up a new studio in Baltimore staffed with many former employees of Big Huge Games (who lost their jobs when 38 Studios closed).
  • Tweets following EA's E3 Press Conference support the news that THQ has shut its San Diego studio that used to make WWE games.
  • Sony is just trying to focus on new games, new stuff for the PlayStation Move and new content for the Vita. Oh, and if you pay for PlayStation Plus, you'll get free stuff (making it not so free).

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