The PlayStation Store is Once Again Updated With New Games

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SonySony has once again updated the PlayStation Store with more downloadable games for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The PSP appears to be entirely neglected this week, but that's hardly surprising given the Vita's presence. This week's games include two digital re-releases, an arcade game, and a light-gun–style shooter. Read on for the titles and more details...
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, released to stores in October, can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $20. The game is being billed as a "reinterpretation" of Dead Rising 2 that follows up on the original Willamette zombie outbreak and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero by replacing motocross star Chuck Green with photojournalist Frank Cross as he copes with the crowds of zombies overrunning Fortune City with the help of improvised weapons. This new version of the game adds the sci-fi themed amusement park Uranus Zone and a sandbox mode that allows free exploration of the zombie-filled casinos.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention can be downloaded to the Vita for $40. Also in physical stores today, this is a strategy game with role-playing game elements that is similar to the game released as Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice in 2008, along with all of the downloadable content released for that title.

The House of the Dead 4 can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $10. This game allows players to use the PlayStation Move controller to enjoy this port of the light gun shooter previously released in arcades. Just in case you can't get enough of blasting undead in the face.

Stardrone Extreme can be downloaded to the Vita for $4. Stardrone Extreme is an action game that mixes elements of Breakout with the need to collect objects.

NHL 12, released to stores in September, can now be downloaded to the PlayStation 3, allowing gamers to pay more for the downloadable version than the physical version currently in stores. This latest iteration of EA's hockey franchise (according to EA) features "more than 300 gameplay refinements" such as better collisions and dynamic goalies.

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