Electronic Arts Gets Golden Poo

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Electronic Arts' Golden PooThe Consumerist has awarded the "Golden Poo" award to Electronic Arts, naming EA the "Worst Company in America" based on votes in a competition with other companies such as Best Buy, Comcast and Bank of America. According to the Consumerist, "Some may look down their noses at the idea of voters picking a video game publisher as the Worst Company In America, but that is the exact kind of attitude that has allowed EA and its ilk to nickel and dime devoted customers for a decade." Frankly, the award is, in many ways, just silly publicity. We know there are a tremendous number of far worse companies than EA in America, ranging from anti-consumer to blatantly criminal. That said, we're lending a link to the "Golden Poo" because it clearly indicates how irritated gamers are with EA for trying to monetize just about everything gaming related (and making people pay for Javik).

Complaints aside, keep in mind that making money is what companies do. Electronic Arts will continue to charge consumers for everything possible, and if you don't like that, don't give them your money. If you pay and complain, you're just inflating the size of message boards while ensuring EA will stay its course.

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