UK Retailer Game Stops Stocking (Some) Games

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UK Retailer Game is nearly bankrupt, and now it appears that the retailer won't be able to stock certain new games. It appears that Game will not be stocking Electronic Arts' upcoming Mass Effect 3. In a leaked internal memo, Game said that it is "...committed to only stocking products on which we could get the right credit terms..." The wording of the memo suggests that EA is not willing to take the risk that Game will sell copies of Mass Effect 3 and not then pay EA the money EA would be owed. Frankly, who can blame EA for worrying that it's funds will be lost in bankruptcy proceedings?

UPDATE (3/5/2012): It appears that Game is failing to stock quite a few new titles, including all of EA's games, Nintendo's Mario Party 9 and various Capcom games.

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