Obsidian is Having a Bad Run

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Obsidian, the developer responsible for Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, reportedly fired 20-30 people recently, including some recent hires. It has been rumored that this was, in part, due to Microsoft cancelling a project for its next generation console. According to a tweet (that has now been deleted), it appears that Obsidian also missed by a hair its bonus payment from ZeniMax's Bethesda Softworks for its work on Fallout: New Vegas. According to the tweet, Obsidian would receive the payment if the game received an aggregate score of 85 or higher on Metacritic. The game received an 84 on Xbox 360 and PC, and an 82 on the PlayStation 3. Short cash and a major development contract, it's no surprise Obsidian is laying off staff.

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