Microsoft Adds Video Apps Allowing Comcast to Test Net Neutrality

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Microsoft has added several streaming entertainment apps to the Xbox 360, including "HBO Go" (for HBO subscribers), "MLB.TV," and "Xfinity" (Comcast's video-on-demand service). That, in and of itself, wouldn't be particularly worthy of note, except that Comcast appears to be using this app as a way of testing Net Neutrality and pushing against the FCC's Open Internet rules. As DSL noted, Comcast's Xfinity app (which requires a subscription) won't count against Comcast's 250 GB usage cap for its internet service. Net Neutrality advocates Free Press point out this is preferential treatment for Comcast's own products. Comcast appears to be arguing that something delivered through the Xbox 360 (despite using the same cable lines) isn't on the "public internet" and is therefore not subject to the same rules.

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