Double Fine Fundraising Benefits Everyone on Kickstarter

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Double Fine Productions recently completed an epic Kickstarter campaign, raising enough money to make a new adventure game. While some expressed concern that Double Fine's efforts were pulling cash from other Kickstarter projects, Kickstarter itself explained that's not the case. Talking about recent major campaigns (such as Double Fine and a project by webcomic "Order of the Stick", these major campaigns brought a tremendous number of new participants to Kickstarter.

Double Fine's effort raised $3.336 million and is the largest Kickstarter effort ever. Of the 87,142 backers, 61,692 (71%) were new to Kickstarter, and may now participate in other Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter even noted that prior to Double Fine's effort, projects in the Video Games category averaged 629 pledges per week. After Double Fine launched, projects (excluding Double Fine) averaged 9,755 per week. New backers, brought in by the Double Fine effort, have pledged an additional $875,000 to 1,2000 other projects. Bully for them!

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