Sony Updates the PlayStation Store

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SonyFollowing the recent launch of the PlayStation Vita, Sony has already launched the Vita games it has ready, so this week's PlayStation Store update includes a few items for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Read on for the full list and more details...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, released in August of last year can now be downloaded directly to the PlayStation 3 for $40. Set in the year 2027, the game has players unearthing world-shattering conspiracies as Adam Jensen, a cybernetically augmented agent.

Killzone 3 was released to stores a little over a year ago. Now, PlayStation 3 owners can download the multiplayer component of Killzone 3 by itself for $15, allowing them to participate in 24-player battles between the Helghast and ISA.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest was released in November, and can now be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $40. The game requires the PlayStation Move accessory, and has players guiding Deadmund as he battles the evil Sorcerer Morgrimm using the PlayStation Move controller to swing swords, fire a bow and throw shuriken.

Primal, previously released on the PlayStation 2, can be downloaded to newer platforms for $10, forcing players to cope with a horrifying world of demons and darkness.

Storm can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $10. The game has players manipulating the weather to guide a seed to a safe and nurturing home.

Also available this week are the PSP minis Ducati Challenge ($6.50) and Trailblazer ($3).

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