Puddle and Other Games Reach the PlayStation Store

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While the new release this week through the PlayStation Store is a fluid game called Puddle, a variety of previously released titles are now available as downloads for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. For the full list and more details, read on...
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was released in November of 2007 and can now be downloaded directly to the PlayStation 3 for $15. The game also features a cooperative multiplayer story mode and another multiplayer mode that mixes cooperative and competitive elements.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days shipped in August of 2010 and can now be downloaded directly to the PlayStation 3 for $20. The single-player campaign follows the latest criminal exploits of Kane and Lynch, while the multiplayer components of the game allow players to perform heists in a style that is both cooperative and competitive.

Madden NFL 12 can be downloaded directly to the PlayStation 3 for $30. This latest iteration of Electronic Arts' professional football franchise was released in August and features updated rosters.

Mini Ninjas, released in September of 2009 can now be downloaded directly to the PlayStation 3 for $20. Developed by IO Interactive, the game has tiny ninjas battling to save the world from chaos.

Naruto Shippuden: UN Impact can be downloaded to the PSP for $40, just in case you were short on games that follow the Naruto Shippuden plotline from the anime. This one adds the "Rush Battle System" along with a variety of giant boss battles.

Puddle for the PlayStation 3 can be downloaded for $10. The game started as a student project and has players guiding puddles of various fluid by tilting the environment.

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