Dungeons & Dragons Approaching a New Edition To Further Confuse Players

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Bah! It's frustrating! Every time we sit down to say something remotely insightful about developments in the world of D&D, we discover that Wired's Geek Dad has beaten us to it. Wizards of the Coast (part of Hasbro) announced that it is working on the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The plan is to crowd-source part of the next edition's development and testing, so Wizards of the Coast is looking for a folks to sign up to participate. We wanted to write about how Wizards will be launching a new edition of D&D so soon after the last one met a mixed reception and splintered the gaming community that it can only serve to further fragment tabletop gamers. Then we spotted GeekDad's Summary. Read on for a quote...
"...the introduction of 4E caused a major schism in the D&D player base and publishing world alike, one that ultimately lead to the rise of the Pathfinder RPG and a fragmentation of D&D's player base. Go to any game store or basement table playing D&D and you will likely discover groups playing a D&D retroclone, D&D 3.5, the Pathfinder RPG or 4E. While you will find some groups that overlap, for the most part these groups are mutually exclusive.

"So what was once one relatively small player base, at least compared to Magic: the Gathering's or World of Warcraft's, has now split into four groups who (as a quick look at most forums or blogs will reveal) do not get along. The disagreements, rooted in both philosophical and economic differences, have spawned the term 'edition wars.'

"It's hard not to predict that the announcement of 5th Edition D&D is going to have the same effect, only this time splitting an already reduced 4E player base into 4E and 5E camps..."

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