Square Enix to Expand Presence in Montreal and Add 250 Staff

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Square EnixIn 2007, Eidos opened a new studio in Montreal that began work on Deus Ex 3, released this year as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Then, in 2009, Square Enix acquired Eidos. Now that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has performed so well, Square Enix has decided to expand the studio. Square Enix announced that it plans to expand Eidos Montreal by 100 staff members, where work will begin on a third project (joining work on the Deus Ex and Thief franchises. Square Enix also plans to open Square Enix Montreal, a new studio with around 150 positions that will report to Lee Singleton (currently the general manager of Square Enix London Studios). Square Enix Montreal will begin work on the Hitman franchise.

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