Eve Online Enters the Crucible

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CCPCCP has launched the "Crucible" update for its massively multiplayer online game Eve Online. Most of the update revolves around the ships that are central to the game's play, but the update also adds in-station environments and realistic 3D player avatars.

The update adds plenty of tweaks and balance changes to ships, including the much-missed engine trails, plus players will now fear Tier-3 Battlecruisers. Of particular interest to the scientifically inclined is the introduction of time dilation to Eve Online. This isn't a function of relativistic speeds, rather, time slows down as the number of ships in a system reaches the 200 to 1,000 range. So now we know, in this special case of special relativity, the number of sentient beings in war ships changes the rate at which time flows.

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