Capcom Sells Cheat Codes

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CapcomBack in the ancient and early days of PC gaming (around... last week), a little know-how (or the "tilda" key) was enough to open up the command console and modify a game. It was easy enough to invoke cheats and developer modes that would unlock anything from unlimited ammunition to a "God Mode" that made you invulnerable. It was a wonderful system of cheats that was particularly wonderful for friends, spouses and relatives that hated to "die" while playing. Now, Capcom is selling that same function for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for 400 Microsoft points ($5) or $5 on the PlayStation 3, players can download the "Gamebreaker Pack" that allows players to activate those same sets of cheats. So, you now have to pay extra for what you used to get for free off the internet (or learn in the school cafeteria).

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