ZeniMax and Bethesda are Just Doing What They Have to Do

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ZeniMax MediaSometimes, game reporting just makes us grumpy. ZeniMax Media, parent of Bethesda Softworks, has contested Mojang's (the studio behind Minecraft) ability to use Scrolls as the name of a game. ZeniMax argues that the name Scrolls infringes on the trademark The Elder Scrolls and could cause confusion among consumers. As we previously noted, Bethesda and ZeniMax aren't being dicks about this. They are obligated to defend their properties, or it becomes harder to protect against infringement in the future. They don't have to win – they just have to try.

Notch of Mojang tweeted "We won the interim injunction! We can keep using the name "Scrolls". ZeniMax and Bethesda can still appeal the ruling, but I'm very happy. :D" That's good news and as it should be, but this isn't a major victory or a triumph of an indie studio over a major publisher. This is just the usual stuff that happens in our legal system being brought to the fore. Bethesda and ZeniMax did what they had to do, and now is the point when Bethesda and ZeniMax should drop the matter. If they keep going, then they are being dickish.

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