Logitech Wireless Headset Review

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Logitech Wireless Headset Company: Logitech
Platforms: Bluetooth (including iPad, PC and PS3)

Logitech has released this gorgeous, affordable headset intended for the iPad and iPhone market, but this Bluetooth headset is capable of much more. It can comfortably link to any Bluetooth-enabled device and serve as both headphones and microphone. That makes it ideal not only for the iPad, but for certain PCs, most smartphones and even the PlayStation 3.

Kyle Ackerman

Every time I use this headset I become even more of a fan, given how comfortable and flexible this audio tool can be. I started off using this headset with an iPad. That seems to be the target market for the headphones, since they even match the design of the white iPad. It's easy to set up the device and while the sound isn't quite a match for high-end corded headphones, it's still impressive.

Logitech Wireless HeadsetThe headset worked splendidly as an iPad accessory, allowing me to wander into the next room and continue to listen to streaming music. The sound quality was strong enough to listen contentedly while using the iPad as a reference in the kitchen and not be at all disturbed by the nearby blaring television. The noise-cancelling microphone also worked well for online chat through the iPad in public places. The battery only lasts for around six hours, so it's not perfect for a long day of travel, but it's more than enough battery life for virtually all other purposes. The large buttons make it easy to change volume, quickly mute, or even link up with another device.

Then I tried the headphones with other devices, and they haven't been paired with an iPad since. Obviously, the headset worked just fine with a variety of smartphones. While the headset works just fine with a smartphone, unless you're watching video content, it's more than overkill. Voice calls are often low quality, anyway, so you can get the job done with a much lower-end and smaller device.

These headphones work brilliantly with the PlayStation 3. Since the PlayStation 3 supports a separate Bluetooth headset, you can use these for comfortable in-game chat despite loud gunfire in the background. The sound and voice transmission was so much clearer using these than most small headsets that the shorter battery life wasn't a significant issue (as long as I remembered to recharge at the end of a gaming session).

Logitech Wireless HeadsetFinally, I used the headset with a gaming PC for both internet video chat and as a gaming headset, and it performed admirably at both functions. There are much more powerful gaming headsets available, some even from Logitech, but if you are looking for comfort, a decent microphone and nothing more than stereo sound, this headset works well. It won't work if you need quadraphonic sound or better to pinpoint the source of opposing gunfire, but if you're raiding in one of the many available persistent worlds, it's the perfect way to keep in touch with your teammates. Plus, if you wipe, you can pace around the room or head to the refrigerator while yelling at your healer, tank, or just declaring that the raid's failure was anyone's fault but yours.

At a recommended price of $70, this is an extremely flexible stereo headset with an excellent microphone that eliminates the need for cords and makes everything from chat, to enjoying content on your iPad, to gaming on a PC or PlayStation 3 extremely comfortable. Finally, the ability to save multiple settings made it easy to switch between devices, making this a great headset when moving from device to device – as long as they all support Bluetooth.

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