Data Jammers: FastForward Released as a Download for the PC

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Digital Eel (the magnificent folks behind games such as Dr. Blob's Organism) have released Data Jammers: FastForward as a download through Valve's Steam platform. Currently, 20% off the planned $10 price, the game is (kind-of) a three-dimensional combat racing game. But we'll give you Digital Eel's own description:
"The Deep Grid. The Wilderness. You've heard hushed rumors about a "network behind the network"; a sub-cyber matrix of covert datastreams utilized solely by the Dark Powers of the world...

Now, after several risky excursions beyond vast Pulsor City, you know the truth --Ouroboros exists! In defiance, you have trained to work for the Good Guys to preserve Freedom by defeating its devious Grid Guardians, thereby exposing the sinister secrets of those evil villains who use it to conspire and oppress.

You are a Data Jammer, an elite virtual commando tasked with a single purpose: Infiltrate the data vaults of Ouroboros, the superdupercomputer controlling the entire Military Industrial Complex, and crash The System!"

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