CCP Begs Forgiveness From Eve Players

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Eve Online, the massively multiplayer online game from CCP has been online for almost a decade, and had developed a player base extremely loyal to the unique style of play Eve offers. Well... loyal until this summer, when things went awry. Expensive vanity items offered in the game's recently launched cash shop and only-partially-finished updates had the players up-in-arms. In response, CCP's CEO has offered an extensive apology and promised to focus on Eve's core game in upcoming updates. Read on for more details and links...
CCP's CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson wrote "A Letter to the Followers of Eve" in which he takes responsibility for the game's recent problems. Most succinctly, he states, "I was wrong and I admit it." More importantly, he agrees that CCP's efforts to introduce Captain's Quarters and virtual goods were misguided and that the meaningful gameplay advances (like Incarna) were incomplete. Petursson promises to focus on critical fixes (like Nullsec space and factional warfare) while continuing to improve the space combat and economic simulation that is the heart of the game. To that end, Senior Producer Arnar Gylfason wrote about refocusing the entire development team on core gameplay and balance.

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