XBLA Gets Crazy, Wacky and Pugnacious

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MicrosoftMicrosoft has released three more downloadable games for the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade. This week's releases include an online fighting game from Capcom, a game of puzzling contraptions and something straight from a Japanese game show. Read on for the full list and more details...
Crazy Machines: Elements can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 for 800 points ($10). Developed by FAKT software and published by dtp Entertainment, the game is an "elemental" take on the Crazy Machines franchise. Players carry out insane experiments using Rube Goldberg devices to solve puzzles.

Hole In The Wall from Ludia can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 for 800 points ($10). The game requires a Kinect sensor, and has players contorting their bodies for the sensor to match up with holes in moving walls. If you don't, your avatar is pushed into the water.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Online Edition is now downloadable to the Xbox 360 for 1,200 points ($15), allowing Xbox 360 owners to enjoy Capcom's Street Fighter fighting franchise with the ability to play online against other combatants using revised netcode.

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