Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man Table Review

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Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man Table Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Zen Studios

Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Ms. Splosion Man has escaped confinement from the labs of Big Science and is on a 'splodin' rampage, shattering walls, blowing up barrels and chasing down scientists. But this isn't Twisted Pixel's latest platformer, it's Zen's latest pinball table for Pinball FX 2. Watch the glowing pink Ms. Splosion Man do the Macarena as you battle Mighty Eternal and the denizens of Big Science with pinballs!

Kyle Ackerman

Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man TableTwisted Pixel Games did so well with its volatile platformer Splosion Man that they created Ms. Splosion Man. Ms. Splosion Man, lovely pink lady with an explosive temper that she is, was so enamored of Zen Studios' pinball that she consented to grace a table on Zen Studios' Pinball FX 2 platform. Featuring the pink, perky (and combustible) protagonist Ms. Splosion Man herself, this pinball table is every bit as simultaneously adorable and destructive as the Twisted Pixel platformer on which it's based.

My absolute favorite aspect of the Splosion Man games is the music, and that's been brought directly over to the Ms. Splosion Man pinball table. My least favorite aspect of the Splosion Man games is their punishing difficulty and need for split second timing. Yes, pinball is a game of timing, but the Ms. Splosion Man pinball table is forgiving and fun. Precise timing is required for the more challenging events, but anyone can man the flippers and set balls to exploding for high scores.

Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man TableThe table itself is set in the labs of Big Science (the setting of the Splosion Man titles), with Big Science's scientists striving to recapture Ms. Splosion Man. Nothing captures the feeling of Ms. Splosion Man like breaking stuff, and tons of stuff explodes, shatters and ka-booms to keep play satisfying. When things aren't blowing up, Ms. Splosion Man is dancing (she particularly likes the Macarena) and shuffling the time away while the ball spins around the various rounds. Last long enough, and you even get to face off against the Mighty Eternal, the massive robot unleashed by Big Science to defeat folks of the 'Splodin' variety.

The Ms. Splosion Man table is a high-scoring table with forgiving action and tons of ramps. The large, open center of the playfield leads to loads of niches and openings that activate events ranging from satisfying explosions to crazy scientist antics and giant robot attacks. The table is eminently satisfying, and as with the other Pinball FX 2 efforts, seriously fun pinball. For 240 points ($3), this is another easy pinball purchase to recommend.

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