Diablo III to Require Online Connectivity and Support Cash Auction House

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Activision BlizzardIn a recent presentation (summarized here, among other places), Blizzard (part of Activision Blizzard) announced certain features for the upcoming game Diablo III that will evoke a dubious reaction from many Diablo fans. The biggest points include that Diablo III will require a persistent internet connection. That makes sense in that Blizzard wants to prevent offline cheating for characters that come online, but will disappoint gamers with lesser or irregular internet connectivity.

Even more controversial is that there will be an in-game auction house that will support both in-game currency and real-money transactions. So, while this will be a hit with many players and certain profit center for Blizzard, many other players will be offended that some will be able to use real cash to improve their character. Hardcore characters (the ones with perma-death) will only be able to purchase items with in-game gold. Blizzard will take a cut of auction sales, so should rake in plenty of money from this feature.

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