3DS Will Drop $80 Off the Price Tag in August

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NintendoYou've probably noticed that Nintendo is often talking about the 3DS, but your friends don't have one. Come to think of it, you probably don't have one either. That's the problem. Reports have been circulating that there just aren't enough games, some people don't like the way the 3D requires a handheld console to be held at a very specific distance, and third-party developers are waiting to see further adoption of the system before releasing expensive games. As a result, there are a lot of ports and a few, adequate, launch titles. Well, it must be true that 3DS sales are grossly insufficient, because Nintendo is dropping the price. The system, currently in stores at $250, will only cost $170 in the United States as of August 12. That (and the fact that Nintendo has massively dropped its full-year profit forecast) suggests that the 3DS is performing poorly. That doesn't mean the system is doomed – Nintendo might still turn things around – but the system is currently faring badly. To compensate early adopters of the 3DS, Nintendo plans to allow anyone who purchased a 3DS (and connected it to Nintendo's network) before the price drop, to download a slew of NES and Game Boy Advance games at no additional cost. That seems like small consolation to FI (for a small console).

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