Sony Releases More Downloadable Games for the PlayStation 3

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SonySony has released new downloadable games this week. The bulk of the releases are for the PlayStation 3, including an action game set in the universe of Greed Corp a 3D puzzle game and a classic brawler. Read on for the full list and more details...
Beyond Good and Evil HD can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $10. This action-heavy platformer with a strong political message was released nearly a decade ago for the previous generation of consoles, and can now be experienced with updated, high-definition graphics.

The Captain America pinball table from Zen Studios can be downloaded for $3.

Gatling Gears can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $10. This action game has players taking on the role of Max Brawley, a retired Gatling Gear pilot once again entering his walking tank to stop the Empire's destructive campaign.

Puzzle Dimension can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $9 and has players solving puzzles by manipulating complicated 3D structures.

Streets of Rage 2, the classic brawler, can now be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $5. The Streets of Rage characters are busy celebrating their previous defeat of the Syndicate when, once again, a loved one is kidnapped and they have to beat up a zillion goons to save their friend.

Also available is the PSP Mini Tetraminos ($3).

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