EVE Online Players Are Revolting

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Players of CCP Games' massively multiplayer online game EVE Online are not happy. This is the kind of "not happy" where the players have created a forum thread to track the more than 5,000 accounts players plan to cancel (or let expire) to protest the release of the Incarna 1.0 update. The update includes expensive premium avatar customization items (such as the much-maligned $70 monocle) that can be purchased using a new in-game currency. This, in conjunction with a leaked memo from CCP Games emphasizing the need to implement virtual goods sales to fund the development of other titles, has angered players (some of whom are convinced that goods sales will include ships, weapons or other items that affect play). The problem has been exacerbated by poor community relations, with CCP staff defending the outrageous prices by comparing them to the cost of real-world items. EVE Online is a game that depends upon its community to provide the play experience.

If the community revolt is sustained, the game is finished.

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