Rift Now Available for the PC

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Trion Worlds has launched its massively multiplayer online game Rift for the PC. The game is available both as a download and in retail stores, and should reach Australia and European Nations at different times throughout the rest of the week. Rift has players battling across the world of Telaria as an Ascended hero back from the dead to fight invaders from other planes and save all of existence. We at FI are enjoying the experience so far, but read on for more details.
We'll have a full review posted later, but so far the Rift experience is entertaining. The game has had a relatively smooth launch (but with the bar set so low by other MMOG launches, that's sort of like saying it's a war that didn't kill many people). More importantly, the game has exceptionally smooth grouping mechanics that make grouping easy and pleasant even for antisocial players, and the constant eruption of extra-planar rifts funneling nasty creatures into the world make for regular dynamic events that can unite the entire server.

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