EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious is Live

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Sony Online EntertainmentSony Online Entertainment has launched EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious, the latest expansion for EverQuest II. The expansion follows the events of Sentinel's Fate and has players working to save Norrath by restoring the Swords of Destiny. The expansion adds new flying mounts, difficult dungeon crawls, tons of new quests, four new raids and tons of new items.
As with so many games, nowadays, it can be difficult to say exactly what the expansion costs, depending on what flavor of EverQuest II you already play. EverQuest II: Extended Platinum members just it. Other EverQuest II: Extended gamers can buy it for $40. Non-subscribers can purchase the game along with every adventure pack and expansion pack released so far for the same $40.

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