Atari Reports Much-Lower Nine-Month Revenues

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AtariAtari announced selected unaudited financial results concerning the third quarter (ended December 31, 2010) of its 2010/2011 financial year. Read on for more details...
Atari only released revenue numbers, claiming revenues of €41.0 million (around $56 million) compared to revenues of €92.5 million in the nine-month period the previous financial year. Of that number, 44.9% came from online subscriptions (including Champions Online and Star Trek Online) and digital distribution, while 55.1% came from retail sales.

Atari argued that revenues declined 55.7% from the comparable period in the previous year due to the fact that Atari released "a lower number, but more profitable games...during the 2010 holiday season..." Of course, without actually publishing GAAP net income numbers, we have to simply accept their definition of "more profitable."

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