Sony Finally Announces the PSP 2, and It's the "NGP"

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Sony's NGPSony finally officially acknowledged its long-rumored new portable gaming system by announcing the "Next Generation Portable Entertainment System" (the "NGP"). This new portable gaming system will supplant the PSP, adding Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, along with a host of other features to provide Sony with a new portable gaming platform and a machine capable of interacting with various social media applications. Read on for more details...
The NGP will be a gaming device, including dual analog sticks and a "multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display." Because the NGP will include a GPS receiver, the NGP will be capable of location-based gaming and will include an application to find nearby gamers.

The NGP will include front- and rear-facing cameras, as well as motion sensors, an accelerometer and compass to allow for motion-based and augmented reality-games.

Games will be stored on a flash-based memory card, with a format specific to NGP games. This will allow games to occupy even more space as higher-capacity flash cards become available.

Sony will also include a "Live Area," accessible from the NGP that will be linked to each game allowing gamers to socialize and share experiences.

Sony also announced that it will be providing PlayStation content to Android-based portable devices, such that Android devices with sufficient hardware will be able to play games released on the original PlayStation as early as this year.

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