More Downloadable Games Reach Xbox Live Arcade

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Microsoft has released a variety of new games through Xbox Live Arcade, today, some of which are free, and Doritos-themed. Read on for more details...
Bomberman Battlefest from Hudson Entertainment has players enjoying Bomberman party games competing and blowing up the competition. The game can be purchased for 800 points ($10).

Doritos Crash Course is a game that can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 for free (as long as you don't consider Doritos advertising a cost) that has players using their avatars to navigate an obstacle course.

Harms Way is another free game, this time a multiplayer racer in which team members snipe enemy racers.

Marvel Pinball can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 (through the Pinball FX2 platform for 800 points ($10). This compilation of four pinball tables featuring Marvel characters is awesome.

Decimation X3 is also available through Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 points ($1). This is a 2D shooter evocative of classic games like Space Invaders, but more intense.

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