More Downloadable Games Released for the Wii and DSi

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NintendoThis week's downloadable games from Nintendo (for the Wii and DSi) have players rescuing lost penguins, playing music on an electric guitar and running a supermarket. Nintendo has also relaunched its Wii demo program. This week, demos will be briefly available for the previously released games And Yet It Moves, Bit.Trip.Fate, Jett Rocket and ThruSpace. Read on for more details concerning this week's releases...
Music On: Electric Guitar from Abylight can be downloaded to the DSi for 200 points ($2). This game offers DSi owners the tool to create music that sounds as if it comes from an electric guitar.

Snowpack Park can be downloaded to the Wii for 800 points ($8) and has players traveling around in search of lost penguins. In addition to penguin searching, players can explore Snowpack Park and play with penguins to keep them from abandoning the park.

Spin Master from D4 Enterprise can be downloaded to the Wii for 900 points ($9). A port of the game released on the NeoGeo, this is a scrolling action game that has players assembling a treasure map and rescuing a kidnapped girlfriend.

Supermarket Mania from G5 Entertainment can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5). This is a time-management game that has players keeping their grocery stores stocked with appealing goods.

Tetris Party Live can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5) and allows up to four players to play Tetris competitively.

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