Microsoft Launches Fall Update - Curmudgeon Edition

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MicrosoftWhat's with this latest Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update? Last time my Xbox 360 got a makeover, they tried to turn it into a Wii. This time, my Xbox 360 looks and sounds like a Mac. Like a Mac that I'm supposed to control by waving my hands and talking at the screen like fat Scotty in Star Trek IV. Want to hear more about what annoys me? Read on...
Seriously, that chime makes me wish that all Macs would revert to the "Wild Eep" sound. A game computer is supposed to be gigantic, boxy and roaring with the kind of fans that would cool a tank's engine, and what's and Xbox 360 if not a game computer. Plus, that avatar thingie my console made me create last time has gotten taller and thinner, but no less creepy.

I can now watch some ESPN content on my Xbox 360... if my cable company already carries that content. So, if I don't want to watch it on my TV, and I don't want to watch it on my PC (for free), I can watch it on my Xbox 360. Of course, I didn't want to watch sports anyway, which is why I'm PO'd that I have to go just a little further to load up old war documentaries on Netflix. At least it's easier to search for Netflix films where Nazis die.

Let's see... this update makes it easier for me to buy music from Microsoft's Zune... as if I were going to do that anyway. There are better family settings, in case I want to let the grandkids break my console.

The topper is "improved voice chat," in case I was having trouble hearing exactly what some 12-year-old thinks of my arthritic shooter skills.

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