That Soda Can In Your Hand Might Be Your Next Micropayment

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FI doesn't bother alerting you to every social game that launches on Facebook, mostly because we would never sleep keeping up with every single thing slapped together to profit off of Facebook's ubiquity. Oceanopolis, however, is a particularly interesting one, because of the way it interacts with the non-virtual world. The game is developed by a subsidiary of Waste Management (a company that provides trash removal and recycling services). At first, the game appears to be aimed at educating the populace concerning sustainable living and recycling. However, Waste Management (through its Greenopolis subsidiary) is building kiosks that accept cans and bottles and reward points that can be spent in Oceanopolis (or for other rewards), presumably instead of the cash refund most states mandate. So, Waste Management is trying to get you to fund your Facebook gaming habit by forgoing the value of your can or bottle deposit, probably hoping you won't notice the few cents or dollars you deposit each time.


greenopolisjeff Author Profile Page said:

Hey, it's Jeff with Greenopolis (and the producer of Oceanopolis). Thanks for the mention and the kind words, but I wanted to make sure that everyone understands that folks using our kiosks get both the Greenopolis points AND their redemption value for their state. The kiosk prints out a receipt that can be taken into the store the kiosk is in front of to get the bottle deposit. In states that allow it, we also offer an option where the redemption value can be donated to local schools instead of being collected in cash.

Also, I'd like to offer your readers 200 free Oceanopolis coins. Just use the promo code "oceans" to get them. Once in the game, click the gift icon, enter the code and hit the return key on your keyboard.

Thanks again for the mention!


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