Planet Minigolf: Stronghold Island Review

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Planet Minigolf: Stronghold Island Publisher: Zen Studios
Developer: Zen Studios

Platform: PlayStation 3
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

Located somewhere off the coast of Turkey, this world-class destination features competitive and sometimes insane golf with all the grandeur of a royal palace. Stronghold Island is that least elusive of miniature golf courses – the medieval-themed mini-golf destination.

Kyle Ackerman

The new Stronghold Island content for Planet Minigolf is more than a collection of holes (or in this case, four different nine-hole courses). It's also an entirely new set of tools for Planet Minigolf players to integrate into their custom-built holes. That makes Stronghold Island a measly $2.50 to access four new courses and hundreds of user-built holes. If you have the slightest penchant for miniature golf (and surely you do if you're already playing Planet Minigolf), Stronghold Island is a must-have addition.

Stronghold Island is a medieval-castle-themed set, with holes that wander throughout spires and towers, with crenellated walls bordering the limits of the greens (or reds, blues and greens, in this case). Obstacles range from drawbridges that raise and lower to suits of armor swinging battle axes to chess pieces. The pre-set courses are well designed, with warm-up courses that could have come straight from your neighborhood course to the insane, "Wacky" courses that tax your imagination. The greatest glory of the Stronghold Island content, however, is the entirely new collection of user-built holes.

Stronghold Island is a great set of courses, both from the professionals at Zen Studios and the many amateurs with access to the game.

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