Pinball FX 2 "Core Collection" Review

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Pinball FX 2 Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Zen Studios

Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Available for 800 points ($10), the "Core Collection" for Pinball FX 2 includes four tables designed for the revamped Pinball FX 2 platform. The Core Collection includes BioLab, Pasha, Rome and Secrets of the Deep. All are brilliant, and so full of detail you'll still be unearthing secrets and new play techniques after dozens of games.

Kyle Ackerman

The Pinball FX 2 Core Collection also works out to $2.50 per table for four amazing tables. Where the Classic Collection of Pinball FX 2 tables are polished, classic pinball, the new tables for Pinball FX 2 are pure awesomeness! Seriously. They're still pinball, but I can't sing the praises of these pinball tables enough. Every one of them had me promising myself I would play "just one last game" over and over again.

BioLab is set in a Mad Scientist's genetic laboratory, where creatures are being assembled and cloned to nefarious purposes. Besides the two traditional flippers, two more flippers secreted near the top of the table are critical to building and training genetic monstrosities that can later actually bounce their way out of the lab. Something was always happening in BioLab, and it continued to make me smile, even after many games.

Pasha is a surprisingly story-oriented pinball table that has players leading a caravan through the Persian desert. If you can't manage to hit the oasis, this table can be a touch frustrating, but once I got the hang of it, this pinball table offered more plot than any other pinball table I've experienced.

Rome was my favorite table of the Core Collection (with BioLab coming in a close second). Aside from the Latin pronunciation, this table is brilliantly executed, with gigantic statuary and legions littering the table. I particularly loved the aqueducts that served as ramps, splashing as the ball passed. What absolutely won me over was the way a siege tower rolls into position, until you actually control the firing of the pinball across the table at a trireme. Wow.

Secrets of the Deep is a deep-sea-themed table with a giant squid, undersea wrecks, moray eels and plenty of diving perils. How many pinball tables sport a bathysphere? There's a lot to capture the imagination in Secrets of the Deep, although it took me a few games to catch on to exactly what was happening.

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