Is Electronic Arts Revising Its Attack on Used Game Sales?

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Electronic ArtsAt least with the upcoming Dragon Age II, Electronic Arts is taking a new approach to premium downloadable content at release. Previously (as with Dragon Age: Origins), EA included codes with new copies of the game for companions and adventures (that most believe previously would have been included with the game). Used-game purchasers had to pay to get this same content through the usual downloadable content channels.

With Dragon Age II, EA plans to include "over $20 of additional content... [including] an additional playable character and new missions...[and] an exclusive in-game armory featuring a variety of weapons and other digital items." This will come in the Dragon Age II: BioWare Signature Edition. The catch is that if you pre-order the game more than two months before release, you will automatically be upgraded to the "Signature Edition." So, Rather than trying to force new game sales and get extra income from used game sales, EA is now trying to push pre-orders, putting day-of-release purchasers in the same boat as used game purchasers.

FI suspects that this is EA bowing to pressure from game retailers such as GameStop that depend on the used-game business. This is pure speculation, but this move might be evidence that EA still sees GameStop as too critical to its business to be willing to try to steal GameStop's profits (that come from used game sales) at the expense of EA's own finances.

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