Telltale Plans Strange Poker Crossover

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Poker Night at the InventoryHere at FI, we've enjoyed Telltale Games' episodic approach to reinvigorating adventure gaming. Despite, other notable episodic failures, Telltale continues to produce engaging and hysterically funny games. Now, it appears, Telltale Games is delving into the gaming equivalent of reality television. Grossly mismatched celebrities playing poker sounds like the sort of reality dreck a network might air rather than pay a staff of writers. For Telltale, it's just a bizarre crossover featuring Penny Arcade's Tycho, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Max from Sam & Max and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner playing poker. Called Poker Night at the Inventory, the game will be released on Valve's Steam service for the PC and Mac, and will feature character-appropriate dialog and tells for each of the characters. Should Jerry Holkins even be allowed to play as Tycho? We're certainly not letting the rabbity thing out of the basement hamster wheel that powers FI to play as Max.

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