Stardock's Mea Culpa Brings Relief to Many Elemental Fans (and Detractors)

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Far too many games are released, be they on PC or consoles, in a sadly buggy or unfinished state. Usually, publishers focus on an initial PR blitz to get as many people as possible to purchase the game before customers catch on to the game's problems. That's why it's so pleasant to see the recent launch problems with Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic not only acknowledged by Stardock, but met head on by the company's Chief Executive Officer Brad Wardell. In posts on the company's forum boards, Wardell acknowledges that the game's release state falls entirely on his shoulders. Admitting to a problem certainly shared by other developers, Wardell says that his love of the game and the world in which it is set led to "blindness, sheer blindness." He honestly thought the game was ready, simply because he (and his team) was too close to the game to see its obvious flaws. Wardell has pledged to dedicate his team to releasing substantial updates to the support the game over an extended period of time.

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